"The Present Moment" by Lori Fox



Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Gold Pen, Graphite on 140lb Archival Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

9" x 9" framed

This series is representative of each moment in our lives. The “pods” are drawn with both my right and left hands (I am naturally right handed) to get me out of my comfort zone and also be as present as possible while setting up the work with repetitive shapes. Watercolor and oil pastel fill the “pods” with color, chaos, and some are left empty. This is reflective of our days-some are filled with beauty and color, some are empty and lonely. When you step back and gain perspective a cohesive painting forms. I hope when you see this painting you are reminded to be present and embrace whatever is happening. These moments do not last forever and they are working together to make a more interesting narrative for your life."

Created and donated by Lori Fox

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