Donation matching- we need YOU!

Friends- we have great news!  From now until the end of the year an incredibly generous anonymous donor has offered to match donations that are made to the Grow Hope Foundation. Imagine making a donation this Christmas season and knowing that it will have TWICE the impact!  With our trip back to Uganda in January this couldn't come at a better time.  The more we raise between now and then, the more we will have to get work going on building Tusubira Village and being able to capture the progress while we are there.  What an amazing way to kick off 2015!  So if you haven't taken the time to do so- make your donation today!  It is so easy - a simple click of the "donate" button above or if you would rather post a check, you can do that.  All checks should be payable to The Grow Hope Foundation and mailed to PO Box 2444, Woodinville, WA 98072.  Please make sure to include your email address or mailing address so that we can mail you a tax receipt for your donation.  


We also want to share some images that we have received from Uganda in the past couple of days.  After a LOT of work and overcoming a few unexpected challenges, water is now flowing in Tusubira Village!!  The excitement is evident in the images below.  We look forward to returning to Uganda in January and capturing images of the well as well as recording community members sharing what this water has done to change their daily lives.  This well is the beginning of a new life in this area- a life that begins with better health because of clean water.  It's just the beginning friends- and with your help we will continue to grow this project and create more opportunities for the entire area to make positive changes.

Giving a Gift that Continues to Give

Hello friends and happy holiday season to you!  It is a busy time for most everyone and with the hustle and bustle of shopping and baking, wrapping and decorating, life can sometimes feel like it is moving too fast.  We get wrapped up {no pun intended!} in the season and all of the activity and excitement - not to mention stress - that goes along with it.  We often ask ourselves "is this enough?  is it too much?  do we need it all?" and yet Christmas is a wonderful time of year in so many ways.  But sometimes it feels like we have lost the sense of what the real meaning of Christmas is.  Christmas is about time with those you love.  It is about good food and spiced cider, the smell of pine and baking.  It is about home and enjoying the extra time that we get to be there for the holidays.  It is also about giving - and being grateful for all that we have been given.  

So this year we ask you this.  With all of the shopping, the gifts big and small, the parties and festivities, would you take a moment to consider donating a different sort of gift.  Would you consider donating to building an educational compound that isn't so much a present as it is a blessing to those who will benefit from that compound.  This isn't a gift that would be unwrapped from it's bows and bright paper.  It isn't something that would lose it's shine over time.  This gift would be something that would continue to give, long after the holidays have gone - and not only this Christmas but many Christmases to come.  This is the gift of hope, and of empowerment.  It is a gift to someone you may never meet, who will probably be more grateful for this gift than any other present you may ever give.  

All donations will be tax deductible and if you choose to send your donation as a gift to someone else, a card from you will be sent to them, explaining the impact that your gift to them will have.  

In this season of giving, please consider adding another tradition to your Christmas season- making a donation to something that will truly change the lives of someone who is looking for a reason to hope.

Please contact us at to make your donation today.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~

The Grow Hope family

Tusubira Village- building our first structure

Right now we are in the process of fundraising to build our first structure on the compound.  With a well in the works (thanks SO MUCH for your support in funding that!) we can now move on to putting a structure on the property.  This first building will house our social worker Sharon  and also have rooms for board members who are visiting Uganda to stay in.  It will have a western bathroom and a small kitchen so that food can be prepared for visitors who may not tolerate food cooked in the homes of our community. Once we get this building completed we can return to Uganda and stay in the middle of the community that we are working with, on the compound that is meant to offer hope to the surrounding area.  Going forward our visits will be even more productive as much less time will be spent traveling to and from the community.  It will also allow us to have Sharon, a valuable asset to the women of the community on-site whenever she is needed.  It will also offer the team there a place to meet in the rainy season, as well as to store supplies until an official office space can be built.


Plans have been drawn up and we hope to raise the funds needed to build this first structure as soon as possible.  We would love for you to be a part of this.  All donations are tax-deductible in the US.  Please email to donate.