The building that will start it all


Hello friends!


As so many of you already know, we are in the process of raising funds to complete the first structure on Tusubira Village.  Once completed, this building will house our social worker Sharon, as well as provide a clean space that can be utilized to begin packaging the highly nutritious porridge for our Porridge Project.  All of the grains used in the porridge will be grown at Tusubira village, milled in town and packaged back at the compound. It will be both sold to local families in need of an easy way to provide a nutritious meal to their children as well as donated to those unable to provide a proper meal for their kids.  


However, none of this can begin until this building is completed - and that is where YOU come in. We are running a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the funds to continue construction of this building, which has already been started.  Every dollar raised will go directly to the completion of this building.  Visit our campaign page to learn more about what this building will provide for our community and join us in making it happen!


Donation matching- we need YOU!