An update on Miracle


Hello friends,

I want to share an update with you that Dr. Isaac sent to me this morning.  When I read the email and saw the photos, I can't begin to put into words how happy I was.  There was little Miracle- a little girl who's life was headed down a really sad path. (see post below)  This was a little girl who we had hoped would be impacted by our work in her community.  However, seeing her in a classroom, just a short time after we met her, was more than I had imagined.   Isaac says the children of the village come around in the morning and take turns pushing her to school.  She goes to school with her new friends and spends the day where a child should.  She is learning to write and read and do math.  And yet, for this little girl, a mere three months ago, this wasn't even something she could imagine.  However, with her "new" wheelchair Miracle is able to do things that every other child can.  I am so very excited to meet this little girl this summer, and so very grateful for our team.  The fact that they not only came upon her in the village we are working with, but that they made the decision to change the trajectory of this child's life forever is something great.  There is so much caring and love in our team and this is but one example of the incredible work they are doing.  I am humbled to be working with such amazing people.


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