Brick by brick

Friends, if you haven't already heard - we are hosting a Go Fund Me campaign to get our first structure built. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone who has followed along on this amazing journey to be a part of making this compound a functioning resource for this community. We have big goals for Tusubira Village and getting this first structure completed will allow us to move forward with those programs.


While those of us who are able to help with the financial aspect of this project are busy raising the funds to build, we wanted to share with you the work that the people in our community are doing to make these goals a reality. While they aren't able to make financial contributions, they are hard at work digging out foundations and making bricks.  Did you know that each and every brick is hand-made?  Every one.  


Mud is dug from local soil which is rich with clay.  Water is added and it is stored in a large mound.


A form is prepared to make bricks, two by two.


Clay is packed into the form to create bricks. The moisture content must be just right to create solid bricks.

Once the form is filled the bricks are taken to dry.

They are removed from the form by dropping it on the ground at which time they should pop out.

After a few days they are dry enough to stack until they are completely dry.


Completely dry bricks are fired in a kiln made from earth and brick. After they are fired they are used to build buildings like the one we are building at Tusubira Village.  Join us in making that possible by donating to our campaign here:

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