Giving Tuesday

Happy holidays!

This year as the holidays approach so many of us are reevaluating what this season truly means. We're focusing more on what Christmas is really all about, at the same time looking at world issues not as something that is far away, but as something that our fellow humans-our sisters and our brothers, our mothers and our fathers, are struggling with. Many of us are comfortable and need for nothing but perspective shows us that we are not in the majority.

Today is Giving Tuesday - One of our favorite days of the holiday season. It's a day that focuses on the idea of giving some of what we have to those who have much less. It is about sharing opportunities with someone who simply needs a hand up. There are so many places to support-so much good work is being done around the world. Here at The Grow Hope Foundation, we are so grateful for the support we receive year round. We have amazing donors who have enabled us to create an incredible educational compound - Tusubira Village - that is literally changing lives. We are in the process of trying to complete an Education Building which will allow us to grow in so many ways.

So if you are looking for something to give to on this day of celebrating generosity and kindness, we would be honored if you were to chose to donate to Grow Hope. You also have the option of donating on behalf of someone you love. If you wish to do that, simply include a note with your donation with their name and address and we will send them a card explaining that you have made a donation on their behalf. You will receive the tax deduction, they really receive a gift that will continue to give, and the community in rural Uganda that is working so hard to change their lives-will receive the biggest gift of all.

You can make a donation here:

If you would like to become a monthly donor you can do so here:


Thank you and wishing you a wonderfully generous day!


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