Introducing Godfrey

Friends, we'd like to introduce you to one of our team members in Uganda.  Godfrey has been with our program since the very beginning and is one of three people on the ground in Uganda that directly impacts our entire project.  When you support The Grow Hope Foundation through our monthly donor program, you empower Godfrey to create even more opportunities for the people of our region to change the way they live and empower them to create healthier lives for themselves and their children.  If you haven't already, join us as a monthly donor and be a part of this extraordinary work.  Become a monthly donor HERE

Friends, meet Godfrey~

One of the greatest things I enjoy doing is rendering service especially to those who cannot help themselves. I am so glad to be on Tusubira Village team that is working hard to uplift the livelihood of people in my country Uganda. It is so satisfying to see people smile yet you are part of the cause of that smile. It is a great opportunity that we have to touch the lives of people in the communities that we work in. This gives us a chance to learn more of their challenges, a chance to exercise and share our skills and experiences in a humble way, and a chance to realize our own potential. 

Since 2013 when we started training communities/schools on issues concerning hygiene and sanitation, food growing and storage, provision of water sources to mention but a few, I have witnessed great improvement in people’s lives, a confirmation to me that people can change, sometimes with just a simple push. Many of our people are what they are because of lack of information and proper guidance but who cares? At Tusubira Village we care.

Tusubira has accomplished a lot in 2013-2014, this was possible because of working hand in hand with Grow Hope Foundation in USA led by Kimberly, the local leaders, religious leaders and opinion leaders. Looking into the future I see Tusubira continuing to work not only with these partners, but with more international agencies and Uganda government agencies sharing the same vision. By empowering the families, communities are strengthened so the nation, but it is a gradual process. The good news is we have started on the long journey and never to quit. 

I call upon every one willing to join us in the struggle of changing lives of people in our communities, to jump unto the wagon before it gets dark. May God bless us with new insights and ideas as we labor to serve His children.


Godfrey Lufafa

Tusubira Village

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