Become a Monthly Donor!

Friends, we have an incredibly simple way for you to take part in the work that we are doing in Uganda.  We're so excited to offer you this opportunity to make a HUGE impact every month without even having to make any effort.  Our Monthly Donor program is a way for YOU to help us spread the work that we have been successfully doing over the past 2 1/2 years to areas desperately in need of opportunities to create healthy change for themselves and their families.  Dr. Isaac and the team have been traveling throughout the countryside surrounding where we work on our compound- Tusubira Village - and they have discovered that while our community now has access to clean water and good sanitation and hygiene practices, the areas around us are in a very different state.  The people in these communities desperately need the knowledge that we have offered our community in order to begin making healthy changes.  


The thing is, every single monthly donor impacts how far and wide we can spread the work we have been doing.  With as little as $10 a month we can begin to spread knowledge through small demonstration areas in each community- a demo garden and lessons on sanitation (proper latrines and sanitation tables for cookware) and hygiene (tip-top hand washing stations at each house).  Every single donor impacts this work.  The more we have, the more we can do.  So if you haven't already joined us, go to our Aplos Monthly Donor page and sign up!  It's so easy! A few clicks and your donation will be automatically deducted each month on the date that you set.  


And starting next month, all monthly donors will receive monthly updates - just for them - on what progress has been made in the communities.  They will receive photos taken in gratitude by the team in Uganda of the impact that you- our Monthly Donors - are making.  Sign up now and be a part of the solution!!


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