Meet {Christine}

We'd like to introduce you to Christine.  She owns a small business near Tusubira Village and we knew soon after meeting her that she was a natural leader.  In a place where women can often feel inferior and have little power in their communities, Christine stands out.  She is focused on the projects she undertakes and dedicated in not only completing her own tasks but encouraging others to do the same.  She is respectful of other community members and has a way of bringing people together to work as a team in order to accomplish more than if they worked individually.  We feel fortunate to have Christine working with us to build Tusubira Village as she is an amazing role model for the women in rural Uganda.

1 What is your name?


2 Are you married?

Not married (Christine lost her husband)

3 How many children do you have?

6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys

4 How did you connect with SCEP?

The chairman told me about a new project that had come in the community and the way he explained to me about it attracted me to join.

5 How has your life changed since working with SCEP?

My hygiene at home improved, I have a sun drier, a good latrine and rubbish pit where after I collect manure.

6 What knowledge have you gained from SCEP?

Better farming skills and am able to sell on the vegetable to get some money for other needs.

7 What else do you think we need to do in SCEP?

We need to stay united for development because we all learn from one another.

8 What other knowledge do you think SCEP should bring to the community?

Put some adult education especially on how to read and write