A Market Bag for you and breakfast for kids in need!

Good morning friends!

We are so excited that we can finally share with you a project we have been working on here at the Grow Hope foundation.  You may remember the Porridge Project that we began a few months back- a program that will help combat malnutrition in children in our community and beyond.  Well, we teamed up with Fashionable Notes- an amazing design company, to create a market bag for us that would allow us to offer you something fabulous but also impact the children in our community surrounding Tusubira Village.  They created these wonderful canvas totes that are wonderful for carting all of your gear around, or taking to the grocery or market when you go shopping.  They are sturdy and washable and best of all the proceeds from the sale of each bag will feed TWO KIDS for an ENTIRE school year!  Through the Porridge Project kids who would otherwise go without food until after a long school day will be provided with "breakfast" - a meal that will give them energy to learn as well as to fight malnutrition.  We are so excited about these bags and what they will mean for our community.  Malnutrition is one of the leading killers in our community and through the Porridge Project we hope to reduce that statistic and help this community become stronger.  Visit tiggy & grace - our online shop where you can purchase one (or more) of these market bags.  Each bag is $30. Together, we CAN make a difference!