Welcome to the Student Advocates page.  If you are here then you are probably a part of an amazing class that is working with us to empower an incredible community of people in Uganda. And with YOUR help, the number of people that we will be able to impact will grow and grow!  

This section will hopefully provide you with some basic background on The Grow Hope Foundation as well as what we have already accomplished and what we plan to do next.  This page will provide images and hopefully allow you to connect with the people and the place that we have grown to love and respect.  Updates will happen in the main Grow Hope "Journal" tab and you can always go back and read through the stories written there.  

We are a small organization and as such, we enjoy connecting with members of our support team - and now you are a part of that team.  Please feel free to email us with any questions or thoughts or things you would like to share - thegrowhopefoundation@gmail.com

We are so happy that you are on this journey with us!

Kimberly Taylor


The Grow Hope Foundation