Meet The Team


Kim Taylor lives in Seattle, WA. She is a photographer who is passionate about empowering people by helping them learn the skills they need to succeed on their own.  She always cries when leaving Africa.

Dr. Isaac Lufafa lives in Jinja, Uganda and together he and Kim began The Grow Hope Foundation in 2013. Dr. Isaac has a heart for his community and knows that with the right tools they can rise out of poverty and create healthy productive sustainable lives. Dr. Isaac and Kim are actually the same person in two different bodies.

Sharon Natugga is a social worker in Jinja, Uganda. Sharon joined Grow Hope in 2014 and started our women's co-op which has been our most successful program yet. She is passionate about empowering women to provide for their families and facilitates all of Grow Hope's community programs. 

Godfrey Lufafa joined Grow Hope in 2014 and is the glue in the Grow Hope team. Godfrey does all of our research, is our photographer on the ground, hosts guests, gives tours, sources supplies, manages teams- you name it, Godfrey does it.

Photo courtesy Mary McLeod

Photo courtesy Mary McLeod

The Grow Hope Foundation is dedicated to the belief that the only way to create sustainable change is to empower people to make the change themselves. By providing education through skills training we are working beside communities to help them achieve their goals.