All the details you could need!

Welcome to the Grow Hope foundation's April Art Auction!! We are so happy to have you join us!  The art in this auction has been donated to help us raise funds to complete the first structure at Tusubira Village. When this structure is completed we will be able to finally house our social worker on the compound as well as begin offering a number of programs including family planning, skills training and a space to package our sustainability project- Tusubira Porridge!  The sooner we can get this building complete the sooner we can really begin to really offer substantial opportunities to this community.  We are so grateful that you want to join us and know that together we can complete this building!


So- the details!

1. The auction will begin first thing Friday morning, April 24th.  It will close at 3 pm PST on Saturday April 25th.  The last bid at that time will be the winning bid.

2. THE ITEMS ARE OUT OF ORDER - that was due to everything being done as drafts, coming in at different times, etc.  The numbers are simply for our reference.

3. The winning bidder will be responsible for postage costs. All of the art will be shipped from the United States.

4. The winning bidder will have 24 hours to submit their winning bid to the Grow Hope foundation.  If after 24 hours the winning bid hasn't been submitted, the second highest winning bid will become the winning bid.

5. Painting listings signify a painting (pretty self-explanatory...)

6. Art on Paper signifies art that is simple on paper- a sketch, words, a simple watercolor, etc.

7. Art with Thread is a stitching piece

8. To place your bid, leave the $ amount and your email address in the comments under each item.