Welcome to the Spring Auction!!

It's auction time!!  We're so excited about the items being offered in our Spring Auction.  All proceeds raised in the auction will go towards finishing the first building at Tusubira Village- a building that, when finished, will open up accommodations for visiting teams working within our community.  These teams (teachers, medical professionals, hydrologists and agriculture experts to name a few) will directly impact the success of our program- so we REALLY want to finish this building.  It will also house our social worker who facilitates all programs currently run through Tusubira Village.  She is responsible for work that empowers the women of this community- so she's kind of a big deal.  We have about $26,000 left to raise in order to finish and furnish this building and every dollar brings us closer to being able to complete it.  So thank you for bidding, thank you for donating and thank you for being a part of this exciting work~

So- the details!

1. The auction will begin first thing Friday morning, April 8th.  It will close at 3 pm PST on Saturday April 9th.  The last bid at that time will be the winning bid.

2. To place your bid, leave the $ amount and your email address in the comments under each item.  If we don't have your email address we can't contact you.

3. THE WINNING BIDDER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING COSTS. All items will be shipped from the United States.

4. The winning bidder will have 24 hours to submit their winning bid to the Grow Hope foundation.  If after 24 hours the winning bid hasn't been submitted, the second highest winning bid will become the winning bid.


Good luck and happy bidding!