Our Mission In Uganda


The following letter was written by our director in Uganda- Dr. Isaac Lufafa. For those of you who have been following along for a while now, you know who he is. If you are new, you can see him and I in a video here.  I don't say it enough but if you've ever talked to me in person or on the phone it becomes clear rather quickly- I respect and admire and love this man. He is the reason we are so successful in Uganda- him and our amazing small team, Sharon and Godfrey. 

If you want to see what we are REALLY doing in our little corner of Uganda- and one day hopefully on a much larger scope, read this letter. It will inspire you and help you to understand why EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR donated is so valuable to us. And if you aren't already a monthly donor- why not join now? What are you waiting for? It's so easy and the impact is so big. Just hit this link here.

Who we are

 Our vision: To empower future generations by giving them purpose

Our mission: Empowerment through education and inspiration


What we do


1.     Promotion of health

2.     Provision of occupational skills

3.     Women and girl child empowerment

4.     Sustainability


Promotion of health

·      Sanitation and hygiene awareness

·      Create awareness about basic knowledge on nutrition and train families on better farming             methods to ensure household food security

·      Establishment of community model families to allow for the spread of knowledge

·      Provision of safe, sufficient and easily accessible water.

·      Donation of chickens and goats for both food and household income generation

The lack of basic knowledge about preventive measures of ill health and malnutrition accounts for most cases of morbidity, mortality and suffering especially among children.

A poor health population can’t not be socially and economically productive in spite the opportunities.

To realize our vision, it’s valuable that the population we work with is healthy and fit to participate in socioeconomic activities.

The listed activities are undertaken to alleviate illness and suffering which has a direct undesirable impact on the livelihood of families.


Occupational Skills Training

·      Tailoring skills

·      Carpentry skills

·      Farming skills

·      Computer and internet skills

·      Business and marketing skills

·      Mentorship of in-service community servants such as teachers and health workers


The Grow Hope Foundation is building an occupational skills training hub in Uganda called Tusubira village. Tusubira is a local word meaning, “HOPE”.

It is widely accepted that we live in a world where knowledge and technologies are renewed at an accelerating pace. Equipping women and the youth with practical occupational skills coupled with computer and Internet skills is vital to ensure they cope with the pace.

The skills are a basic indispensible instrument that brings sparkling hope in the lives of many beneficiaries. They are a sustainable pathway to address the ever-increasing challenges and demands in our society.

The occupational skills have proved to be prime ingredients in processes of job creation and help beneficiaries to think creatively and independently and to develop and communicate their own beliefs or views about the world today.

Once fully established, the training hub will build confidence, elevate hope and bring certainty in the lives of many young women and men whose journey in life has been meshed with vulnerability. The skills from the hub prepare individuals for the realities of earning a living and provide realistic chances of a future of purpose.


Sustainability of the project

Ensuring that funded projects create a positive lasting impact is foremost in the minds of the local partners. Knowledge and skills are valuable instruments worthy to invest in because they guarantee life long impacts. The hub will largely rely on the skills it offers to ensure sustainability especially with the cost of maintenance. High quality products and services that meet the market demand will be made and offered at a cost to generate income.

We are establishing accommodation facilities that will be open to guests from all over the world. The facilities will generate income to advance the agenda of the organization.

From the hub, we shall be able to produce materials like sanitary pads with the help of the students in tailoring class. This will sustain and advance the agenda of girl child /women empowerment.

The yields from the demo gardens especially corn are to sustain the Porridge Project where 50 children from the community school who come from families not able to afford their meals at come to Tusubira village for a porridge meal everyday.


What we need.


Our priority list

1.     Build a permanent occupational skills training building with

·      Tailoring

·      Computer

·      Carpentry

·      Conference facilities

2.     Fencing the Tusubira village property with chain link

3.     Completion of the guests accommodation facilities

4.     Startup capital for women and support to vulnerable families with chickens and goats

5.     Wells for water scarce communities

Meet The Team


Kim Taylor lives in Seattle, WA. She is a photographer who is passionate about empowering people by helping them learn the skills they need to succeed on their own.  She always cries when leaving Africa.

Dr. Isaac Lufafa lives in Jinja, Uganda and together he and Kim began The Grow Hope Foundation in 2013. Dr. Isaac has a heart for his community and knows that with the right tools they can rise out of poverty and create healthy productive sustainable lives. Dr. Isaac and Kim are actually the same person in two different bodies.

Sharon Natugga is a social worker in Jinja, Uganda. Sharon joined Grow Hope in 2014 and started our women's co-op which has been our most successful program yet. She is passionate about empowering women to provide for their families and facilitates all of Grow Hope's community programs. 

Godfrey Lufafa joined Grow Hope in 2014 and is the glue in the Grow Hope team. Godfrey does all of our research, is our photographer on the ground, hosts guests, gives tours, sources supplies, manages teams- you name it, Godfrey does it.

Godfrey, Kim, Sharon, and Isaac. Photo courtesy Mary McLeod

Godfrey, Kim, Sharon, and Isaac. Photo courtesy Mary McLeod

The Grow Hope Foundation is dedicated to the belief that the only way to create sustainable change is to empower people to make the change themselves. By providing education through skills training we are working beside communities to help them achieve their goals.