A Garden Grows in Uganda

Hello friends!

We wanted to share a quick update on the INCREDIBLE work the community in Uganda is doing in the gardens at the Tusubira Village educational compound.  They are working SO HARD to plant our education gardens with a wide variety of crops so that people can see all of the healthy nutritional produce they can grow at their own homes.


We also have a team of gardeners that we have hired to not only oversee the planting and organizing of the gardens but to also be a part of teaching the community members that come to Tusubira Village to learn.  As we see these gardens coming together, sprouting and the long beautiful rows growing so well we are so excited to see people begin to see what it is we are doing here on this educational compound.  

For people who don't have enough land to plant proper gardens at their home, we are teaching them how to grow their produce in these wonderful repurposed bags.  The gardeners show them how to fill the bags with dirt, a cylinder of rocks down the middle for water to evenly distribute through the entire bag.  We offer starts in a variety of plants that they can grow and we also will teach them how to harvest seeds from their plants to grow future crops.  

The women in our community have enthusiastically visited the gardens whenever there is an opportunity to learn.  These women work so hard to improve conditions at their own homes, and the chance to improve the nutritional intake of their families is reason enough to learn what they can and take the lessons learned home.  Dr. Isaac and Sharon gave the women a tour of the spinach garden this week and shared with them the high nutritional content of spinach. 

Before the women left the compound they were each given a bunch of the spinach to take with them.  

We have a number of objectives at Tusubira Village.  Our highest priority is to create a sustainable program that will generate enough revenue to continue to expand the programs we hope to eventually offer.  Much of our crops will be sold to generate that income.  Another priority for us is to donate a portion of our produce to local organizations who are working with venerable children and people in the surrounding communities.  We want to support others doing good work in our area.  Finally, we want to make sure that the original community that welcomed us so warmly and enthusiastically is taken care of.  We want to support those that struggle to feed their families.  We want them to know that we are there as a part of their community and as such, we look out for each other as a family would. 


We are still raising funds to put a roof on our first building at the compound.  If you want to make a donation please email thegrowhopefoundation@gmail.com