Progress on both sides of the world

Hello friends!

Can you believe it is already August? The summer is flying by and we are excited by all of the progress that is happening on BOTH sides of the world- the incredible work being done at Tusubira Village and the many tasks being taken care of here in America.

In Uganda crops are being harvested and taken to the market to generate an income for Tusubira Village.  It has been an incredible first growing season and they are definitely doing a great job of farming, thanks to the amazing mentors that they have learned from. 


The women in the community continue to meet to work on projects and learn new skills.  Our social worker Sharon is always on hand to facilitate conversations and work with the women to not only teach skills but help work through issues the women may be dealing with at home.  These conversations between women help bond them as a community and they are learning to work together to accomplish more than they could do alone.


Here in America we are working on a number of ways to fundraise to complete our first building at Tusubira Village.  The plan is to eventually have three structures on the property.  A house to accommodate Sharon as well as guests that come to volunteer in the community, a workshop that is able to be secured where we will house things like sewing machines and supplies.  It will also host educational workshops and meetings during the inclement seasons.  We also need a small one room structure where our caretaker will live full-time. This is important for the security of the compound.


One way we are trying to make it easier for you to be a part of this amazing adventure is by creating a site that you can go to and easily make a donation of any amount.  A couple of clicks and you are a part of changing lives on the other side of the planet! How amazing is that??

We want to thank you friends.  Your incredible support, financial and otherwise makes what we do possible.  We are grateful that you have opened your hearts to a community so far away and empowered them to create meaningful change to their health and way of life.  You are a part of the team giving them the skills needed to making a better future.  So thank you for that.