Become an Ambassador for Grow Hope!



Hello friends~


There are so many ways that people impact this project- sometimes in small ways, other times in large ones.  We wanted to share one of these stories in hopes that it will inspire you to join us as an Ambassador and find your own connection to the Grow Hope foundation!


Last year a local elementary class decided to fundraise to send a few kids to school.  We had spoken at this school and shared with them the differences in education between the US and where we are in Uganda.  We talked about how lucky they are to be able to go to school without even thinking about it, while in our community, children will often ask for school fees before they will ask for food or toys.  We shared photos of schools in the area surrounding Tusubira Village and they were taken aback at the stark differences - dirt floors, rickety wooden benches, no supplies.  So this class took it upon themselves to raise funds to send as many kids as they could to school.



It turned out that this class was wildly successful!  They raised enough money to send TEN kids to school for FIVE YEARS.  They were given the option of either sending a large group to school for one year or a smaller group for a few years and they chose that option as they felt that it wouldn’t be fair to start them on a path of education only to remove it after a year.  This class was PASSIONATE about this project - they gave it all they had to make a lasting impact on the lives of these kids half-way around the world.  They were our first Ambassadors. 




This project doesn’t stop there.  They are now planning to continue to find ways to fundraise.  We are working with them to find things we can take to “their students” when we return to Uganda in October.  They are invested in these kids - these ten students with so much potential.  They have photos and names and ages.  They have connected and when we are there next month we hope to find a way to Skype so that all of these kids can “meet” and really feel what that connection means.  Friends across the world- how amazing is that?


We share this story with you because we are looking for Ambassadors.  We need people from all over who want to connect with this project- who want to take a part of what needs to be done and champion it.  To share this project in THEIR community and get people excited about the impact that they can make in the lives of this community.  To find a classroom that is looking for a community project where what they do is CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY OF A COMMUNITIES LIFE.  


If you are interested in being a part of this- please contact us.  We are happy to talk about the huge number of ways you can be a part of this movement to educate and empower this small community, so that they are able to then go and empower others.  The potential is enormous and with your help we can see it happen!


Email us at and become an Ambassador for the Grow Hope foundation.  We would LOVE to have you~